A Nobel Theory Behind a Noble Men’s Prenatal Supplement

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The Nobel Prize in medicine was just announced for 2019. Three highly esteemed physician-scientists from Harvard, Hopkins and Oxford shared the prize for uncovering the secrets of oxygen delivery and metabolism in the body. This science is fundamentally important to everyday activity of every living cell. As with much of biology and life, it’s all about achieving balance and yes it’s also true with oxygen.

The Noble prize-winning theory on how cells handle oxygen has also led to a better understanding of oxygen metabolism. You may not know this, but normal human fertility also depends a whole lot on oxygen balance. Believe it or not, the monthly process of ovulation in women in which an egg is released from the ovary, is a tightly controlled form of inflammation that involves reactive oxygen species. And the later event of egg fertilization by sperm is similar in nature. Both of these fertility events are critically dependent on oxygen balance.

You know that oxygen is what keeps you alive. But oxygen plays an equally critical role in oxidant-antioxidant balance, the source of inflammation and disease. And, an excess of oxidants in sperm has been shown to lead to lower motility, higher sperm DNA damage, and infertility.

This is precisely why we put antioxidants in AlphaSperm. Actually, a blend of antioxidants, including those from red wine (resveratrol), tomatoes (lycopene) and those in Vitamins A, C and E and coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), L-arginine and selenium.

Our antioxidant formula in AlphaSperm was hand selected based largely on the oxygen theory laid out by this year’s Nobel Laureates. We celebrate and salute you and the fact that our men’s prenatal formulation has great bones!

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