Starting a men’s prenatal vitamin regime

Be well, conceive well.

In a healthy male, the testicles’ sperm producing factory will run as hard and fast as possible. However, today’s hectic schedules as well as the unhealthy lifestyle choices we make can lower sperm counts and cause infertility. A balanced intake of antioxidants and micronutrients, coupled with sufficient sleep and regular exercise, support male reproductive health. 

Start early

For optimal results you should begin taking AlphaSperm nine months ahead of conception. However, even one month can begin to improve your reproductive health.

Benefits of taking AlphaSperm:

After 1 - 2 months of AlphaSperm

During the first 1 to 2 months after you being taking AlphaSperm, your testicles will begin to produce fresh sperm through spermatogenesis, which is supported by micronutrients and antioxidants. The full process takes about 64 days.

After 3 months of AlphaSperm

By this point, the entire population your ejaculate would contain new sperm created with the benefit of the antioxidants, mineral, micronutrients, co-enzymes and herbals in AlphaSperm. You should expect improvements in sperm motility and the beginnings of improved sperm DNA fragmentation.

After 6 months of AlphaSperm

By now you have produced roughly 2-3 complete sperm cycles, and the majority of your ejaculated sperm cell should consist of new sperm cells that exhibit the full range of improvements in sperm health, including increased motility and decreased DNA damage/fragmentation.

After 9 months of AlphaSperm

Now at 4 complete cycles of sperm production, the entire population of your ejaculate should consist of brand new, healthier sperm sperm cells with the full range of improvements,, including increased motility and decreased DNA damage/fragmentation.