Vitamin C

Considered a major antioxidant, vitamin C is found in 10-fold higher concentration in semen than in blood. It is a work-horse for controlling co-called “oxidative stress” in sperm.

Sperm are unique in that they are a small, high-energy cells that move rapidly, which is very unique in the body. Due to their compact design, the sperms’ engines (mitochondria) are, metaphorically, located right next to the passenger compartment where the delicate DNA cargo rides. The free radicals that are generated from the energy of sperm movement are sources of “oxidative stress” and can easily damage the DNA, and result in infertility. The antioxidants vitamins A, C and E provide excellent absorption of the radical oxygen species and free radicals that are generated in sperm—and that have been implicated to underlie as much as 25% of male infertility.